Our School 

The 7th Wave is a Bahrain-based school that provides performing arts and fitness courses, drop-in classes, weekend workshops and week intensives. We have an incredible array of offerings for kids, teens and adults! 

We look forward to success within the community by focussing on:

  • The highest level of class instruction, with the majority of our teachers from the Saudi Arabia, Argentina, South Africa and Bahrain

  • Controlled class sizes in order to ensure the optimum encouragement and involvement with each student by the teachers

  • Special Saturday workshops for interested adults

  • Special week intensives for school breaks for kids and teens

  • Summer camp programs that provide intensive trainings and a solution to Bahrain and Saudi needs for quality intensive programs for their children to excel in even outside of the school year

  • Community building with regular monthly events, student performances and art shows

We have designed unique and modern facilities to best accommodate our dance, drama, vocal and fitness programmes. A bright and vibrant creative space that was built with all international safety measures and standards. 

Our Values

The 7th Wave Performing Arts School values first and foremost, the rich Arabic culture and it’s artistic traditions. Arabic artists often got their inspiration not only from their current surroundings, but from other civilizations nearby, or even from civilizations in the past. The 7th Wave values this bridging of the many cultures that are interwoven in Bahrain's history. From Islamic art, to India, Europe, Africa, the Company values above all this rich tradition of bridging cultures through the arts.

The 7th Wave’s vision is connecting communities and bridging cultures through creative expression. Our mission is to provide world class multicultural artistic education.


Dr. Lesley Aljishi

Founding Partner

عاشقة لكل تفاصيل الجمال، لي في الحياة وظيفة هي أنني طبيبة أداوي الجسد عن كل ألم؛ ولي في الروح عشق ورغبة في أن أجعل كل الأرواح بلا ألم، صوفية الهوى تطمئن روحي بالتراتيل وترانيم القلوب الصادقة، أم حالمة حد اليقين بأن القادم سيكون أجمل لأولادنا 

A lover of life's beauty, a doctor by profession and a soul healer by humanity. Mother of two,  who sees the future through their eyes, but provided by our hands.

She wishes to see changes in the new-coming generations by raising their spiritual awareness through music and the arts. 

Joseph Tito

Founding Partner

Film and television visionary, executive producer, director, avid arts and youth supporter. His life motto is create your own reality.

With a powerful background in performance arts and company development, he looks forward to ensuring the 7th Wave continues to offer world class artistic education at the highest level possible.

“It doesn't matter what you do in life, as long as you bring passion to it.”

Miriam Habib-Allah

Operations Manager

Her background is educational science and her passion are children and exploring the world with them. She lived and worked with children all around the world always encouraging them to explore their creativity. 

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2nd Floor, Building 3759,

Road 2764, Block 527,

Saar, Bahrain


Tel: +973-17537567

Mob: +973-38071777

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