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The Seventh Wave offers a variety of study options in all levels, from beginner to advanced, and all forms from private assessments to group classes. Prices vary based on the course’s length and size. You can view our entire schedule, fees and class offerings via our online booking system.

For 2019 we offer the following terms for courses:

Summer camp 16th June - 25th July 2019

Summer Term 1st July - 30th August 2019

For the schedule please call us on 38071777

The Seventh Wave is an educational facility aiming to exceed your expectations with a knowledgeable faculty, safe and modern designed facilities, and in-depth trainings from the raw beginner to the advance student. We thank you for adhering to our School Rules & Regulations to be followed by all who enter our facility.

  1. Please be on-time for any registered classes. This means arrival 10-to-5 minutes prior to the registered start time. Late students past the 10-minute mark will not be admitted to class and will be charged as if attended the class.

  2. We require 24-hours notice for any rescheduling or cancelling of classes, or you will be charged as if you attended the class.

  3. During class hours, respect is required to be given to the school as an educational facility, and not a social hub. If you are simply picking up or dropping off a student, please stay downstairs and buzz the school to notify us to send down or up the student. 

  4. All class payments are to be made prior to attending any class, workshop or intensive. Payments are available via credit card over the phone, or via credit, debit or cash in person at the facility.

  5. There will be open-house or parent-teacher nights organized, where the school facilities will be open for tours and meet and greets. Outside of these events, an appointment is required to view the facilities and meet with the directors. Timings are decided by the management to ensure no disruptions to our class offerings.

  6. Lockers will be provided in the change rooms for students to store their personal belongings, but any lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of the school.

  7. If you are sick or have a communicable disease, please get clearance from a medical facility before returning to class. We wish to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students.

  8. All Level 2 or advanced classes require the student to book a private assessment with the teacher in order for them to assess their technique and grant them permission to attend these classes.

  9. In the studios, only bare feet, socks or sneakers can be worn. 


  1.  NO REFUNDS are made AFTER the first attendance of a class.

  2.  If classes are full, we will add you to a waiting list for any openings.

  3.  A remainder of the tuition fee will be refund, if the course was cancelled, in case packages were            purchased.

  4.  There are NO REFUNDS on tuition for classes, courses and workshops that have already been  completed.

  5.  Please note that there are no refunds for missed classes. Make up classes can be arranged calling        the school, if you cancelled at least 24h prior to the class.

  6.  Booking classes, courses or workshops are mandatory with a minimum of two hours in advance.

  7.  There are no refunds, credits or transfers of any fees.


    -  Any photography and or video-tape taken during class or school activities may be used by The        7th Wave Performing Arts School for publicity purposes, if you signed the video and photography    release form.



    -  All students are required to be covered by their own insurance, and if an injury occurs, it is    understood that the students and their families are responsible for any medical costs. By signing this    form you absolve The 7th Wave Performing Arts School of any liability due to injury caused in and    around the studio facility.


    -  No one is permitted to dance with an injury. Students under 18 with an injury are required to have a  doctor’s note of permission to be in class.




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