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The 7th Wave Performing Arts School bridging communities and cultures, on this page you can get an idea of our diverse programs. 

October 7th 2017
Finally, the 7th Wave up and running.


Open House

November 29th 2017 
Introducing the beginning of Contemporary Dance with Pina Bausch.


'Pina' Movie Night
December 7th 2017
A night of music, dance and poetry.


Sufi Night

January 11th 2018
Break Dance Battle with international performers.


'Fresh Minds Jam' Break Dance Battle
January 18th, 19th, 20th 2018
The 7th Wave performed demo classes on the stage of the expo. 


Education Expo
February 2nd 2018
First movie screening of 'Wake me up' in the GCC followed by a
discussion with the artists and makers of the movie.
'Wake me up' 
February 3rd 2018
Federica hosted an audition for dancers
Federica's Dance Audition 
February 12th 2018
Opening Event for Tashkeel
March 10th 2018
The 7th Wave performed some demo classes at Nadeen's School Wellness Day
Nadeen School Wellness Day
March 17th 2018
Break dance and contemporary dance workshop at St. Christopher School
ISTA Dance Workshop @ St. Christopher School 
March 24th 2018
The Traveling Bohemian BACA
The Traveling Bohemian BACA 
March 27th 2018
International Theater Day
International Theater Day
March 28th 2018
Showcase of our students to their parents and friends
Students Showcase 
March 31st 2018
We shot some promotional videos for the different performing arts fields that we teach at the 7th Wave.
Promotional Video
April 9th 2018
Red Carper Event, free private acting classes were given to the greatest talent.
Red Carpet
April 13th 2018
Demo classes as entertainment at the Rugby Club for Rotary Club.
Rotary @ Rugby Club
April 15th 2018
Little Big Shots Mena Casting for MBC.
Casting for 'Little Big Shots' 
April 21st 2018
Monski Mouse Baby Disco at the Moevenpick Hotel. We performed a battle of healthy and junk food.
Monski Mouse 
April 26th 2018
Four companies battling and talents performing, best talents won free classes at the 7th Wave.
Seef Mall 
May 3rd 2018
Ana Kremneva held a workshop of tribal fusion belly dance.
Tribal Fusion Belly Dance
May 8th 2018
Musicians jamming 
Jam Session
May 12th 2018
Anti bullying campaign by Naseem at the Isa Cultural Centre.
Antibullism Event
May 28th, 29th 30th 2018
A variety of booths by Bahrainis and people living here, offering their homemade or rare products.
Ramadan Bazaar
July 12th 2018
GCC talents getting together for our second break dance battle.
Break Dance Battle 2nd Edition
July 2018
Summer camp at the 7th Wave and at the Reach Nursery in Isa Town.
Summer Camp @ Reach Nursery
August 2nd 2018
Local talents jamming at the 7th Wave.
Jam Session 
August 6th - 11th 2018
Dancing and acting demo classes at the Nakhool tent.
Nakhool Tent 
August 16th 2018
Directors workshop
Directors Workshop
August 18th 2018
Stand Up Society 
Stand Up Society
August 28th 2018
Five local bands got selected to perform on the second stage
at the Jazz Fest.
Band Audition For Jazz Fest
September 13th 2018
An inspiring night with poetry recited by Ahmed Almulla, Jassem Sahih
and Ahmad Shamma playing oud.
Inspiring Night
September 25th 2018
Hold my Karak Improv Comedy Group performed at the 7th Wave.
Improv Comedy
September 29th 2018
Variety of talents performing at the 7th Wave.
Pre Event for the Jazz Fest Workshop
October 7th 2018
Celebrating our first year anniversary with colleagues and friends​
One Year Anniversary of the 7th Wave
October 14th 2018
Meet the artist, Brothers Band!
Inspirational Trail
October 18th 2018
Variety of talents performing at the 7th Wave.
Open Mic Night 
October 26th 2018
Local talents performed on the second stage of the Jazz Fest.
Jazz Fest 
November 8th-29th 2018
German, French, Italian ​Embassies and the British Council collaborated with
the 7th Wave.
Black & White Movie Festival
January 23rd 2019
Mahammed​ held a photography workshop for beginners.
Photography Workshop
January 26th 2019
Jamaan held a Workshop partially at the 7th Wave and at an actual shooting site.
Directing for Camera Workshop
February 13th 2019
Amateurs and professionals were reciting poems and singing songs
about love
All we need is love
March 12th 2019
This time the 7th Wave was inspired by Salman Zeyman
and Yousef Mohammed
Inspirational Trail




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